Doctoral Studies

Doctoral Studies
Υποδομές τμήματος


The doctoral studies at the Department of Psychology of the University of Ioannina (PI) aim at training PhD candidates in producing original knowledge, that contributes to the international literature and promotes science at a theoretical and applied level, with a developmental orientation in the knowledge society.

The doctoral studies have a broad perspective that is concerned not only with the successful completion of the specific study cycle but also with preparing the candidate for independent research and a scientific course in areas addressed by the science of psychology, with a focus on the academic context. This preparation concerns a collective framework of actions of the department, which encourages constructive dialogue and increases motivation to pursue and study scientific challenges, leading to innovative scientific research on the basis of the epistemological principles that permeate the field of psychology. With the further aim of enriching education for their academic/research career, PhD candidates will be invited to gain experience through a wide range of interactions related to research activity and teaching experience

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