Within the framework of the academic operation of the Department of Psychology, three Laboratories operate


Laboratory of Educational, Cognitive and Developmental Psychology

(FEK 568, B’, 21/2/2018)

Director: Eleni Ziori, Assistant Professor of Cognitive Psychology

The mission of the Laboratory is: 

(a) to cover the teaching, research and broader educational needs of the Department of Psychology as well as of other Departments of the University of Ioannina, on issues that fall into the fields of Educational, Cognitive and Developmental Psychology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels (including doctoral and postdoctoral research). More specifically, the research and broader scientific work of the laboratory concerns the study of the following objects, by means of quantitative and qualitative methodologies: 

Α. Educational psychology.
(1) Cognitive processes, emotions and learning
(2) Teaching and learning; contextual factors
(3) Factors influencing learning (e.g. individual, psycho-emotional, social), (neuro)biological aspects, mental health and learning
(4) Learning, adaptation and development
(5) Interventions in the field of education
(6) Learning and teaching in higher education
(7) The psychoanalytic perspective on learning

Β. Cognitive psychology
(1) Unconscious and conscious learning and memory and factors influencing them
(2) Experimental exploration of cognitive processes
(3) Cognitive processes underlying eating behaviour and (excessive) alcohol consumption
(4) Concept acquisition and categorisation
(5) Attentional biases
(6) Exploration of cognitive factors in clinical and health psychology

C. Developmental psychology
(1) Development of non-verbal and verbal interaction
(2) Formation of self and identity
(3) Social development of emotions and feelings
(4) The embodied development of Mind, Perception and Memory
(5) Cross-cultural development and applications to vulnerable populations
(6) Developmental psychopathology
(7) Interdisciplinary and critical approaches to development

Social Psychology Laboratory

(FEK 424, B’, 14/2/2018)

Director: Nikolaos Bozatzis, Assistant Professor of Social Psychology

The Laboratory’s mission is:

(a) To meet the teaching and research needs of the Department of Psychology, as well as of other Departments of the University of Ioannina, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, on topics that fall within the scope of Social Psychology. More specifically, the research and scientific work of the laboratory concerns the following topics: 

(1) Socio-psychological study of intergroup relations and processes.
(2) Social psychology and cultural processes. 
(3) Social psychology, migration and transnational processes.
(4) Social psychology of collective action.
(5) Social psychology and political issues.
(6) Social psychology and contemporary social problems. 
(7) Research methodologies in social psychology. 
(8) The theory of social psychology.

Κλινικο-Ψυχολογικό Εργαστήριο Σύνολης Υγείας και Μελέτης Εαυτού

Clinical-Psychological Laboratory for Integrative Health and Self-Study

(FEK 1335, B’, 19/4/2018)

Director: Angeliki-Maria (Angie) Palaiologou, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology

The mission of the Laboratory is:

1. The care for the teaching, research and broader scientific-academic priorities of student populations individuals at undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral levels. This also concerns scientists close to the Department of Psychology and other Departments of the University of Ioannina, as well as scientists of other Institutions and Organizations in the field of Clinical Psychology as a field of health promotion.
2. The interdisciplinary cooperation with all kinds of Laboratories, Research Centres, Institutions, Structures, Organizations and Academic Institutions and their representatives, both in Greece and abroad, if their scientific objectives coincide, are compatible or complementary with those of the Laboratory in a spirit of reciprocity.

3. The organisation of scientific meetings promoting science and health as a whole, including: lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, round tables, conferences, presentations, training courses, tributes, awareness-raising activities, debates, exhibitions, scientific papers, projections, poster postings, summer courses, special modules on the different schools of thought in the fields of Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, as well as laboratory exercises, experimental and report writing and other scientific and interdisciplinary events, always in line with the interests of the Laboratory.

4. The collection, indexing, coding, classification, digitisation, updating, storage and disposal of research and archival material of Greek and foreign language sources, such as publications, articles, postgraduate and doctoral theses, etc.

5. The promotion of Tele-Counselling, Mentoring and Tele-Support projects and in general the promotion of innovative bridges between Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Medical Ethics and compatible interdisciplinary partnerships.

6. The provision of services in accordance with the Decree 159/1984 “Conditions for the provision of services by the University Laboratories to individuals and all legal forms of organization” (A’53).

7. The conception, writing, elaboration, dissemination and support of innovative and multidimensional, funded and non-funded, research, educational and training projects as well as lifelong learning projects of clinical and psychological interest. The mission also concerns training, evaluation and intervention projects, which study and promote the broadly understood Medical Ethics, the new Meta-cognitive Methodologies. Finally the mission also concerns actions that encourage scientific upgrading and interdisciplinary collaboration at the service of humans, health as a whole and healthcare groups.

The aim is to enrich the relevant knowledge with qualitative and quantitative data and results for the benefit of the student population, researchers, educators, teachers and scholars of the University of Ioannina, as well as of other institutions, structures and bodies in Greece and abroad.